Professors and Snowflakes

Are you familiar with the saying, “No two snowflakes are exactly alike?” Now, while this theory has already been proven wrong multiple times in the past few decades, I still insist on using this statement to prove the point that I’m about to make. You see, if there’s one thing I hate more than having an asshole as a professor, it’s when that professor also applies the same fuckery with his co-workers, and even meddles with the way they do their work. This has been done by that same professor plenty of times this trimester, and I must say, it’s getting pretty irritating to say the least. But I will not elaborate on that subject any more than I already have, because this blog is intended for fun, as much as possible, and the idea of him isn’t really that much fun.

What I just want you to understand is that just like there are no two identical snowflakes, there are also no identical ways of teaching. Each professor has his own way of dropping knowledge onto the pack of idiots that are his students, and each professor has the right to that. So unless one professor is being unreasonably douchey and all of his students are fucking complaining about him already, nobody else has the right to tell him what he can and can’t do with the way he teaches as well as the way he handles his students. He has the right to teach his students any we he wants to as long as he delivers his lessons clearly. I mean, have you seen a snowflake telling another goddamn snowflake that it looks ugly and it should get a face-lift just because it doesn’t look like the first snowflake? No. Because not only is that rude, it also doesn’t make any sense. Snowflakes can’t talk. They can’t have face-lifts, and they can’t look ugly. Seriously, I have never really seen an ugly snowflake.

But my point is that teaching is like living. And we can’t tell professors how to teach the same way we can’t tell people how to live their lives, because it’s their lives, and they have the right to it. And even if we did decide to do what you ask, like snowflakes, no matter how much we try to imitate something, we can never completely do so because we’d still have something in us that makes us different. It also goes for teaching. It’s a way of life, and telling someone to change the way they live their life is like asking them to pound their balls with a hammer. No one wants to do it. Bottom line. Just mind your own goddamn business.

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